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And then there were four

Posted by on March 1, 2012

Dear Diary,

I was right! The young lad who just moved into the house turned up today, completely out of the blue. He found the shed, which we reckon means he must be our new Death. I must say, he makes a very refreshing change from the last few we’ve had. He’s got a face for a start, which is always nice.

Granted he seemed a little surprised to find us sitting in the shed playing Snakes & Ladders. I think he may have been a little alarmed by our presence, given the way he ran off screaming like that. I’m a bit worried we may have scared him off for good, but War reckons he’ll be back.

Just to be sure, though, War’s going to get in touch with Toxie the Hellhound, who still owes us one for hiding him during the Heavenly Hellhound Hunt. He reckons Toxie can help lure the lad back here so we can explain who we are and – more importantly – who he is.

So this is it, then. We have our 10th Death. Drake Finn, our 13th Horseman. The gang is complete once again.

I wonder what adventures the next few weeks will bring…?

Your friend,



And that’s it. So ends the Diary of the Apocalypse. Continue the adventures of Pestilence, War, Famine and their new Death in THE 13TH HORSEMAN, the new comedy-fantasy novel from award-winning author Barry Hutchison. For information on where to buy, click here.

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