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A hectic day

Posted by on February 23, 2012

Dear Diary,

Yesterday was quite busy, which made for a nice change. War picked up a card game based on the Australian soap opera, Home & Away, so we played that for some of the afternoon. To be honest, it wasn’t much fun. The game was produced in 1992, and in order to play it properly you need to have a near encyclopaedic knowledge of everything that happened in Summer Bay between that year and it’s launch in 1988. Frankly, none of us do, largely because we don’t own a television.

It’s really just a quiz game, where everyone takes turns asking everyone else questions. This would be fine did the questions not include such gems as “What’s Tom Fletcher’s middle name?”, “Name any one of Ailsa Fisher’s nephews” and “Which body part did Lance injure playing Frisbee?”.

None of us knew the answer to any of those. I was hoping one of the questions might be “Who haunted Ailsa Stewart’s fridge?” which I would’ve known the answer to (Bobby), but it didn’t come up. The final scores were Me – 0; War – 0; Famine – 1, after Famine correctly gave Donald Fisher’s nickname as “Flathead”.

The game took two hours to complete, after which War collected the cards and informed us he was going to “burn them in the hottest fire known to man”.

Half way through the game I remembered I used to have a recurring dream where I’d be on a beach singing the theme tune to Home & Away with Ronan Keating out of Boyzone. What a voice that man has.

After we played that we settled down for a Patrick Swayze DVD marathon on the old Death’s little DVD player thing. That’s the thing with Patrick Swazye – he does something for everyone. We watched Dirty Dancing (my choice), Roadhouse (War’s choice), Ghost (my choice), Steel Dawn (War’s choice), To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar (me) and Next of Kin (War).

Famine didn’t choose any, and just sat and munched popcorn through the whole marathon. At the end we asked which film he preferred and he just looked at us blankly. Turns out he’d thought it was all the one film, with Patrick playing a martial arts expert drag queen cop who really knew how to dance. From the future.

I despair sometimes, Diary. I really do.

Your friend,


PS – Still no new Death.


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